What is the difference between R7 and R9 Windows?

The difference between R7 and R9 windows is the number of chambers within their frames. R7 windows feature a 7-chamber profile, whereas R9 windows have 9 chambers. The multi-chamber frames restrict the amount of cold air seeping into your home and slows down the precious heat from escaping, so the more chambers the frame includes, the longer your home will retain warmth. However, both achieve an energy rating of A+ and can be fitted with double and triple glazing.

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Traditional Window Features

A traditional aesthetic is not complete without traditional window features. From handles and stays, to the intricate details of the wooden grain texture, our traditional style windows look as authentic as the real thing. Below are some examples of traditional window features you can add to your windows to get the desired timeless charm.

Georgian Bars

Traditionally Georgian bars were used to hold together the smaller panes of glass to create a bigger window. However, today they are used as decoration to create the timeless aesthetic of Georgian architecture.

Monkey Tail Handle

The sophisticated Monkey Tail handle has a distinctive spiral with over one and a half turns. The elegant design inspired by the 19th-century ironmongery is ideally suited to traditional style flush sash windows, sliding sash windows, or Residence windows.

Sash Horns

Sash horns were originally used to support the increased weight of glass put on the joints of the sashes on sliding sash windows. They are the descending protrusions from the base of the upper sash, attached to either end of the flat center bar of the frame. Today, they make a beautiful addition to a sliding sash window design and come in many designs.


An extremely important factor to consider when trying to achieve a traditional aesthetic is colour. Browse our window colour guide, for more information. 

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