Modern yet traditional uPVC Flush Casement Windows in Derby & Nottingham

A-rated as standard & able to accommodate double or triple glazing, our UPVC flush sash windows are designed to enhance energy performance in a variety of settings. Intelligently trapping in pockets of warm air, our flush sash windows have been developed with the latest multi-chambered profile technology to keep your home at an ambient temperature all year round. Furthermore, a practical butt hinge option provides extra confidence as an ideal solution for fire escape windows.

Conforming to PAS 24 security specifications & Document Q performance benchmarks as standard, secure peace of mind also plays an integral role with these reliable flush sash windows. Secured with internal beading & multi-point locking, our UPVC flush sashes effectively keep warmth in & intruders out.

Accented with a Personal Touch

Including period features such as fully mechanical joints, deep bottom rails & flat external putty lines, 85mm Edwardian, Georgian & Victorian slim mullion combinations & complex astragal bar designs can also be achieved. With a wide range of standard & luxury colour finishes, coloured glass, a variety of astragal bar configurations & matching gaskets & hardware to choose from, Nottingham Windows gives you the freedom to create your forever home.

Flush Sash Window

High-Tech Design

Featuring an efficient multi-chambered UPVC structure, combined with premier glazing from industry leaders Planitherm, our flush sash windows surpass the majority of other UPVC flush sash window systems in both efficiency & style.

Guaranteed to deliver superior thermal & acoustic performance wherever they're installed, this multi-chambered design can achieve U-values as low as 0.8W/m2.K with 44mm triple glazing & 1.1 W/m2k with 36mm triple glazing.

Residence Window

Quality Manufacturing

German-engineered, our UPVC flush sash windows are 100% lead-free & carry the environmentally friendly greenline label. Introducing recycled materials to the core of these UPVC profiles, they are durable, corrosion-resistant, easier to clean & affordable.

Offering unrivalled levels of weathering, thermal & acoustic performance, these maintenance-free flush sash windows recreate classic-look conservatories, orangeries, bays & corner posts with ease.


Stylish Hardware

Designed for special security fittings & additional anti-burglary measures, amongst a variety of authentic hinges, handles & stays, our range includes elegant key locking Monkey Tail handles or heritage Pear Drop handles. Whether you're replacing like-for-like or wish to add a classic twist to more modern architectural stylings, we're certain we have a colour to suit your particular taste.

Dedicated to quality, we use long-lasting, stylish window hardware, furniture & fixings as standard.

Features and benefits of our flush sash windows

  1. Timeless Aesthetic: Flush sash windows offer a classic and elegant appearance that complements both traditional and modern architectural styles, enhancing the visual appeal of any property.
  2. Sleek Flush Exterior: With a flush exterior design, these windows provide a smooth and seamless finish, creating a sleek look that adds sophistication to the façade of the building.
  3. Versatile Design Options: Flush sash windows are available in a variety of designs, sizes, and configurations, allowing homeowners to customise them to suit their specific preferences and requirements.
  4. Energy Efficiency: Designed to meet modern energy efficiency standards, flush sash windows feature advanced insulation materials and technologies, helping to minimise heat loss and reduce energy bills.
  5. Low Maintenance: Constructed from durable materials such as uPVC or aluminium, flush sash windows are resistant to rot, warp, and decay, requiring minimal upkeep to keep them looking their best for years to come.
  6. Enhanced Security: Equipped with high-quality locking mechanisms and toughened glass options, flush sash windows offer enhanced security, helping to protect homes and provide peace of mind to homeowners.
  7. Noise Reduction: The robust construction of flush sash windows, combined with their excellent sealing properties, helps to reduce external noise infiltration, creating a quieter and more comfortable living environment indoors.
  8. Increased Property Value: Installing flush sash windows can increase the overall value of a property due to their attractive appearance, energy efficiency benefits, and long-lasting performance, making them a worthwhile investment for homeowners.
House with flush casement windows and composite door
Flush Sash Windows

Environmentally-Friendly Flush Sash Windows

The ideal window replacement for classic & contemporary styled homes, you can rest easy knowing that we only ever use industry-leading products that maintain strict environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Displayed at our extensive window & door showroom in Nottingham, this charming style has been engineered to meet current & anticipated safety & performance standards.

Our flush sash windows can be fully customised with an immense range of anti-fade finishes & stylish bespoke accessories. Their unique, flat surface also makes them easier to clean than others, retaining their beautiful good looks for many enjoyable years to come.

Are flush sash windows more expensive?

The demand for flush sash windows has rocketed over the past few years. The clean lines, flat finish, and sleek aesthetic makes the design popular among a wealth of homeowners. Whether their home is modern architecturally designed or a quaint, charming cottage, flush sash uPVC windows can transform the facade of any home.

Thanks to the versatility of uPVC, we can replicate the intricate craftsmanship of authentic flush sash timber windows and with an array of RAL colours, we can install windows that will perfectly harmonise with your home.

When it comes to the cost of flush sash windows, there is no significant difference to traditional casement windows. So, when choosing between the two, the cost will not be a barrier.

Grey Flush Sash
Grey Flush Sash

Will grey uPVC windows fade?

uPVC windows are constructed solid, which means the colour pervades through the uPVC. The durable colour finishes make the windows extremely resistant to fading, so your windows will look aesthetically pleasing for years to come and only require a wipe down every now and again to look brand new!

Frequently Asked Question

What is the benefit of UPVC flush sash windows?

UPVC flush sash windows are designed to enhance energy performance in a variety of settings. They trap warm air pockets, keeping your home at an ambient temperature all year round. They also conform to PAS 24 security specifications and Document Q performance benchmarks, ensuring your home’s security.

What kind of features can be added to UPVC flush sash windows?

UPVC flush sash windows come with period features such as fully mechanical joints, deep bottom rails, and flat external putty lines. They can also have 85mm Edwardian, Georgian, and Victorian slim mullion combinations and complex astragal bar designs. You can choose from a wide range of standard and luxury colour finishes, coloured glass, a variety of astragal bar configurations, matching gaskets, and hardware.

What is the cost of flush sash windows compared to traditional casement windows?

The cost of flush sash windows is not significantly different from traditional casement windows. When choosing between the two, the cost will not be a barrier.

Where can I visit a showroom to see the quality of the windows?

The Nottingham Windows showroom, located in Nottingham, is ideally situated for homeowners across Nottingham, Derby, and Leicester. A visit to the showroom is the best way to experience the quality of the windows, doors, and glazed extensions for yourself.

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