If you dream of the ultimate open plan living space that welcomes the outside in like no other, have you considered buying aesthetically pleasing and attractive bifold doors?

Flawlessly bringing the outside in, our sleek and streamlined aluminium bifold doors can easily add a sense of sophistication and classiness to your East Midlands home.

Each one custom-made to suit the available space, aluminium bifold doors create an unforgettable talking point no matter where they are installed.

Bifolding Doors

Do bifold doors come in standard sizes?

No, each of our bifold doors is custom-made according to your requirements. Depending on the amount of space you have available, you can opt to have up to eight panels for your bifold doors. It is entirely down to personal preference, and what you would like for your home.

What is the maximum height and width for bifold door leaves?

At the Nottingham Window Company, we can manufacture bifold door panels, also known as leaves, to a minimum height and width of 400mm. Any smaller than this and they are considered a folding window.

What sizes do bifold doors come in?

Depending on the amount of space you have available, we would recommend a bifold door configuration for you, including the number of leaves required and whether it is best for your doors to have an outward or inward opening.

To help you, here is an indication of the sizes we offer here at the Nottingham Window Company:

Bifold material Minimum height Minimum width Maximum height Maximum width
Aluminium bifolds 400mm 400mm 2500mm 1200mm

Although bifold doors can be manufactured to reach these maximum measurements, we would not recommend it. This is because it may have an impact on the quality and performance of your beautiful bifold doors – something we do not want.

How much space do bifold doors take up when they are open?

Regardless of the door size, when opened a bifold door opening should be sized two inches wider and two inches higher than the door itself. This is because the door leaves fold back on themselves and will need plenty of space to function properly.

Making homes in Nottingham warmer, brighter, and more inviting for over 20 years

Effortlessly refreshing the look of your East Midlands home, our fantastic collection of cost-effective replacement doors will vastly enhance your home security, whilst significantly eliminating energy wastage. What’s even better is that with frequent maintenance, our aluminium bifold doors have a lifespan of over 45 years! Contact us now or give our team a call on 0115 866 00 66 – we are here for you, no matter what.

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