Did you know that there have been over 250,000 reports of recorded burglary offences in the UK in the last year? At The Nottingham Window Company, you can relax knowing that all of our double glazed windows are designed with advanced security features to keep you and your loved ones safe.

From robust door locks to advanced security systems, homeowners are constantly seeking ways to improve their home’s security. One often overlooked aspect of home security is the type of windows installed. This is where double glazing steps in not only as an energy-efficient solution but also as a potential enhancer of home security.

chartwell green flush sash window

Understanding double glazing

Before delving into how double glazing can contribute to home security, let’s first understand the concept of double glazing. Double glazing refers to two panes of glass that are designed to stop heat escaping from your home. Double glazed windows create an air gap between the panes of glass which slows down heat loss, therefore increasing your home’s thermal efficiency and leading to energy savings.

Reinforced strength

One of the key features of double glazing is its reinforced strength. Traditional single glazed windows are more vulnerable to breakage and potential entry points for intruders. However, double glazing provides an additional layer of protection due to its structure. This makes it significantly harder to break through. What’s more, double glazing often features toughened or laminated glass which is specifically designed to be more resistant to impact. This adds an extra level of security, and attempting to shatter or break the glass becomes a far more challenging task.

R9 Window

How can the Nottingham Window Company help you?

At The Nottingham Window Company, we offer a range of uPVC and aluminium windows that are available in various different styles including casement, sliding sash, tilt & turn, flush sash and the Residence Collection. All are designed with advanced security features in mind to keep you and your family protected at all times.

  • Casement windows– Ideal for a range of properties, our casement windows provide superior ventilation, exceptional security and easy operational qualities.
  • Sliding sash windows– Perfect for traditional properties, our sliding sash windows are equipped with anti-burglary measures including limit stops to restrict opening & further Secured by Design upgrades including shoot bolts.
  • Flush sash windows– Designed to enhance the aesthetics of any property, our flush sash windows feature special security fittings including elegant key locking monkey tails for complete peace of mind.
  • Tilt & turn windows– Our innovative tilt & turn windows conform to PAS 24 security specifications and Document Q performance benchmarks at standard. They are secured with internal beading & multi-point locks to keep intruders out.
  • Residence Collection– Our R9 & R7 windows are sure to enhance the security of your home with advanced security features including internal beading and multi-point locking systems.

Residence 7 Window timber alternative windows

Why choose The Nottingham Window Company?

With over 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves on providing homeowners with quality installations and exceptional customer service. For your next home improvement project, you can rely on our expert team of installers who have years of experience serving homeowners in Nottingham, Leicester and Derby.

As well as our extensive selection of double and triple glazed windows we also offer a range of uPVC and aluminium doors, conservatories, orangeries and different roofline products. With so much choice, you are bound to find the perfect fit for your home. Contact us today for a free quotation or give us a call on 0115 866 0066.

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