As you’ll know if you’re currently looking for someone to carry out your renovation work, choosing a contractor can be a complex task. You want to know that they’ll do the job on time, at the right price and to your satisfaction. More importantly, perhaps, you want to know that the work carried out will not fail, and that you’ll be left counting the cost in the aftermath.

The media is full of reports of rogue builders who do half a job (or less) then disappear, leaving chaos and carnage in their wake. Such people have been around for years, yet many of us still fall for their charms and suffer for it.

Fortunately, there is much more regulation around construction companies now than there ever has been, and with a bit of research (plus a look at online reviews) the customer is in a much better position to make an informed choice.

As a glazing company, we rise or fall by our customers’ experience. Complaints about faulty goods and poor workmanship, along with bad reviews, will almost certainly lead to lost business, and no-one wants that. We work hard to ensure that everyone we deal with comes away happy and contented – which is why we go for quality assurance that is both certified by an independent body and supported by an insurance backed guarantee. If you’re looking for a company that supports this ‘belt-and-braces’ approach, look no further than us.

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What is an insurance backed guarantee?

Standard guarantees of work, or warranties, are commonplace these days and usually last an average of ten years. An insurance backed guarantee (IBG) goes further. Should the contractor stop trading or retires, the homeowner will be covered by the insurance scheme, providing them with an extra level of reassurance. An IBG covers home improvement projects from small porch installations and refurbishments to large commercial ventures.

Our IBG is with QANW, the UK’s leading provider. They have been operating for almost 30 years and believe in offering real protection for consumers, offering them confidence to choose the right installer for their home improvement investment.

What is Quality Assurance?

In our industry, Quality Assurance is just that – assured standards of materials and workmanship that have been assessed and verified by an independent organisation. We are members of CERTASS, a UK certification scheme which guarantees that your replacement windows are compliant, efficient and insured for quality and performance. We’ve signed up as members of CERTASS because we believe it is important that an independent trade organization should monitor what we say about the quality of the materials we use and the work we carry out.

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Why are guarantees and insurances important?

We don’t take you, our customer, for a fool. We think you have the right to check the credentials of any business offering building services, and that you should be reassured that such companies are legitimate, honest and trustworthy. We are most definitely in that category, so if you’re interested in our guaranteed services please contact us here or give us a call on 0115 866 00 66.