The Residence Collection is a superior choice for homes in Nottingham. If you’ve recently had them installed, firstly congratulations for making a fantastic choice for your home. Secondly, you may be wondering how to maintain them so that they continue to look great for years to come. Here are our top tips for taking care of your new Residence Collection windows. Although The Residence Collection windows require very minimal maintenance, we do recommend performing regular cleaning on the entire window. By performing small regular cleans you can often prevent hard-to-remove dirt and stains from building up.

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Wait for the perfect weather to clean your windows

You may think that a hot, sunny day provides the ideal conditions for cleaning your windows, but you’d be wrong. If the temperature is too high, they’ll dry too quickly leaving unwanted smears and streaks across the glass and frame. Waiting for a warm, still but cloudy day will provide you with the best results for a long-lasting, fresh appearance.

Get the right equipment for the job

Having the right equipment will reduce the amount of time and effort needed to maintain your windows. You should avoid abrasive tools and harsh chemicals as these could lead to damage to the frame. Instead, follow our recommended list below for the most attractive windows in Nottingham.

  • A soft, non-abrasive brush
  • A non-abrasive sponge
  • Soft, lint-free cloths
  • A bucket
  • A squeegee

Purchasing everything you need doesn’t need to break the bank either, most supermarkets or discount stores will sell everything you need.

Perfect your method for cleaning the frames

Wiping dirt off a windowThe Residence Collection has been manufactured with advanced uPVC which makes them incredibly easy to maintain. Unlike traditional timber, there’s no need for sealing or retreating the wood, as it’s waterproof on its own. We recommend starting from the top and working down so dirt doesn’t fall back onto the clean lower windows.

Start by wiping over the frames with either a soft cloth or brush to remove any dust, cobwebs or loose dirt.


Take a bucket of warm soapy water and wash over each of the frames, removing any remaining grime. (For tough dirt, you could try a gentle rubber brush.)

Always dry your frames with a lint-free cloth to prevent watermarks from appearing, or water dripping onto the glass causing nasty streaks.


Don’t forget about the glass!

When you’re cleaning your Residence Collection windows, it’s important that you clean the glass and frame separately. They each need different chemicals and methods for keeping them looking beautiful. Many homeowners think you need expensive glass cleaners, but the truth is you don’t. You’re able to make a fantastic glass cleaner using everyday items from around your home.

  • One squirt of washing up liquid
  • Six tablespoons of white vinegar
  • Four cups of warm of water

Simply start by dusting off any loose debris from the glass using a dry cloth. Spray your homemade glass cleaner all over the glass, being careful to avoid the frame. Take a non-abrasive brush and remove any remaining dirt and giving the glass a gentle scrub. Remove any remaining solution by using fresh water starting at the top of the window and working the suds down and off the window. For a streak-free finish take a squeegee and remove any excess water.

Maintain the hardware tracks and hinges

To keep your windows performing at their highest level, it’s important that you take care of all of its elements. You need to clean out the tracks to stop debris collecting and preventing the window from operating properly. The hinges, locking mechanisms and handles will require regular lubrication. Using one drop of light oil such as WD40 will keep them in perfect working order. Just make sure to wipe away any excess oil.

Premium timber alternative windows from The Nottingham Window Company

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