The humble trickle vent isn’t the kind of window feature that you’d consider carefully before you buy. Unlike other bits and pieces of window hardware, such as style of handles and colour of frames, you really won’t be mulling over the choice of trickle vents for too long.

Yet while the trickle vent might be small and unobtrusive, it plays a vital role in the circulation of air around the room, even with the windows and doors closed. By allowing in a small amount of ventilation, the trickle ventilator keeps a room feeling fresh in both the summer and winter months while helping to prevent excess moisture, condensation and mould. In fact, this little piece of uPVC is so important in terms of air quality, it’s even got its own law!

Under Government changes to current Building Regulations, any windows and doors installed after June 15, 2022, must comply with rules to make sure every home has permanent ventilation via trickle vents. Before this date, you only needed to fit new trickle vents to door and window replacements if they’d already been there. Now, almost all new and replacement windows and doors must have trickle vents, answering the question at the top of this blog – yes, they are essential.

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What is a trickle vent?

As the name suggests, a trickle vent is a small device fitted to a window frame or door, allowing fresh air to trickle into the room. The vent can be opened and closed manually, allowing you to control air flow. While this is very much background ventilation, it still plays a vital role in the overall air levels in your room.

Why have new rules about trickle vents been brought in?

The new rules fall under Part F of the building regulations set out by the Government. Among other points, new trickle vents must significantly reduce indoor air pollutants and disperse water vapour effectively. This is necessary for all habitable rooms of a property. Also, modern trickle vents must improve soundproofing by keeping noise at low levels.

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So it’s trickle vents for every single new or replacement window and door?

Almost, but not quite. If you live in a listed property or a conservation area, you might be exempt. That said, replacement double glazed timber-effect windows that are constructed with listed buildings in mind, such as our Residence 7 and Residence 9 collection, will have unobtrusive trickle vents fitted as standard.

You might also be exempt if your house is on an urban road with lots of passing traffic. Arguably, a trickle vent installed in a new window facing such a road might result in more, not less, pollution in your home.

The advantages of trickle vents

In the past few decades our homes have become much better insulated than they’ve ever been. This is great for reducing heat loss, but it can lead to poor ventilation and lower air quality. Window ventilators prevent stale air getting trapped, working away quietly to keep your home fresh and free of pollutants without letting in excess cold air.

If you want to find out more about trickle vents and whether you will need them, we’re always here to help. You can contact us here, give us a call on 0115 866 0066 or even pop into our showroom and have a chat with our friendly sales staff.